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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Our first TikTok Cat Video to Hit 100k Views !

At the time of posting this, one of our TikTok cat videos is nearing 100k views, 20k likes and 150 comments. The coolest part is over 170 different TikTok pet video creators have used my voice-over sound as the track for their own video featuring their cat. The video continues to grow although it has slowed down in traction at the time of posting this blog. The cat featured in this short clip is Ramsay, our youngest. The voice-over I did was off the top of my head, a lot of people have commented that I should have said "scratch" instead of "itch". Where I am from those terms get switched around in dialogue.  I have done many more videos with my deep movie trailer voice since this clip. Make sure to follow @sushiandrunt on TikTok to stay up to to date with our silly short cat and dog videos.

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