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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays from SushiandRunt.com

Hope all of you that are celebrating a holiday this winter are having a great one. Here are some photos of our pets on Christmas eve. Thanks so much for supporting our blog and channel, we appreciate those of you that have sent holiday cards and left kind greetings. We are looking forward to what 2017 brings and are excited to give our viewers a great show.



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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Happy Holidays - Christmas Shirts Available

Hello friends, this year I decided to modify our pet caricatures to reflect a holiday vibe. We have listed the design in our merchandise store, you can get it on a t-shirt or ornament.

In other news we recently had a segment featured in a Gone to the Snowdogs 12 days of Christmas giveaways video. We sponsored one of the days with a $50 Toys R' Us gift card. To see the video watch here, or below. It starts with our friend Jessica with her huskies in her backyard and then leads into a clip of our pets announcing the giveaway, it's really cute and I believe you will enjoy it.

Have you been to our Youtube channel lately? We have recently uploaded a new Meowbox unboxing, the cats had a great time with some of the catnip filled toys.

The video prior to that features the cats assembling a cardboard cat house, named the "Kitty Play Zone", although it's more suitable for smaller cats, the kitties had a great time. You can see that epic fun filled video here.

Last of all I'd like to mention we did a Youtube video collaboration with the channel, Sunny's Toys.
In one of their doll videos they featured a robotic kitty from the "Chubby Puppies" line and had it magically disappear in a box. Users can then click on the video and be taken to our channel where we feature the cats mysteriously discovering a box with the robotic kitty inside. See our video here or below.

Thanks for visiting Sushi and Runt's pet blog, we hope you check out our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube channel as we update those more frequently with cat and dog pictures and videos.