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Home of 4 cats and a dog. Sushi, Runt, Ramsay and Louis are the cats. Sam is our Lab, Aussie Shepherd Mix and the newest member of our family. They love trying new treats and fun toys. New videos and photos every week on their YouTube , Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profile.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Updated Shirt Designs, Life is Better With Pets !

We have finally launched our merchandise store with an updated design. The classic cartoon design of our five pets has been redrawn to be sharper on fabric and we added a simple quote that we can all agree upon. "LIFE IS BETTER WITH PETS".

Get your SushiandRunt t-shirt or hoodie here.

If you happen to purchase one of our items and send a photo of yourself wearing it. We would love to share it on our social media and maybe even in a future video. Thank you for all your support!