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Welcome to our cats and dog blog! Sushi, Runt, Ramsay and Louis are the cats. Sam is our Lab mix. ➡️ Watch us on YouTube !

Meet Our Pets

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Name: Runt (Female)
Nicknames: Princess Runt, Runtle
Breed:  American Long Hair Mix - Maine Coon - Brown and White
Birthday: April 1st, 2010
Favorite toy: Fabric catnip toys.
Favorite activity: Getting her face and back scratched.
Favorite pose: Belly up
How did she get her name:
She was the runt of the litter, meaning smallest kitten.
Her story:
Runt's mother survived a house fire before she was born. She was adopted fully grown from a crowded house where she spent most of her time outdoors. She loves to get attention. She is super sweet and always happy to be petted. As the first to be adopted into our home she was nervous when we brought home Sushi as a kitten. Now she is the wise cat of the family and she looks out for the youngest, Ramsay.


Name: Sushi (Female)
Nicknames: Sushi Roll, Sushi Cat, Princess Sushi
Breed: American Short Hair Mix Breed -  White and Grey
Birthday: November 30th, 2013
Favorite toy: Toys on a string with a wand.
Favorite activity: Hiding in small spaces and getting pet when in the bathroom.
Favorite pose: Curled up in a ball with a fleece blanket.
How did she get her name:
While bringing her home we were contemplating what to call her. We love the food sushi, and called her that, just joking. It was the only name she responded to, so we kept it.  Also, her colors remind us of rice and nori.
Her story:
Sushi and Runt are distant relatives. We adopted her as a kitten from a family member. She is very sweet when she wants to be, but she is also a diva. You can watch her grow up on our YouTube channel from the first day we brought her home.


Name: Ramsay (Female)
Nicknames: Pudge, Baby
Breed: American Short Hair Mix Breed - Orange and White
Birthday: August 20th, 2015
Favorite toy: Catnip anything.
Favorite activity: Wrestling with Louis.
Favorite pose: Belly up
How did she get her name:
We are fans of the chef "Gordon Ramsay", for the first couple of months we had mistaken her for being a male. the name fits her personality as she has little fits of craziness just like the chef. In her early youtube videos we refer to her as a male.
Her story:A coworker had a batch of kittens. With the age gap between Sushi and Runt, we thought Sushi would be happy to have a younger cat around.  Turns out Runt and Ramsay have an alliance now, Runt has taught her how to be relaxed cat. Louis, on the other hand, taught her how to have fun and release the wild cat inside once he moved in. You can watch her grow up on our Youtube channel as well.


Name: Louis (Male)
Nicknames: King Louis, Lewiston
Breed: American Long Hair Mix Breed- Black with a small white patch on stomach.
Birthday: October 31st, 2010
Favorite toy: Green felt ball & ball on circle track.
Favorite activity: Trying to sneak outside by hiding in the shadows.
Favorite pose: Curled up in a basket.
How did he get his name: His first owners chose the name, his sisters name was Lola.
His story: Chris's brother adopted him from it's first owners who had a house full of dogs. When he passed away we brought Louis into the family. He loves jumping on top of the cupboards and teaching the other cats how to cause mischief while still being a sweetheart.


Name: Sam (Male)
Nicknames: Sammy, Samson
Breed: Black Lab / Aussie Shepherd
Birthday: May 11th 2011
Favorite toy: Frisbee
Favorite activity: Fetch and walks in the woods.
Favorite pose: Snuggled with his favorite blanket.
How did he get his name: Original owner named him.
His story: Sam was adopted from a family member who moved to the other side of the world. He is very happy and loving and never aggressive. He knows some tricks and plays fetch like a pro. We love him a lot. He is the body guard of the 4 cats. He gets along with them so well and sometimes thinks he is a big kitty. In some of our videos we give him a funny voice-over.