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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Mousr by Petronics Review and Unboxing Video

Mousr is an interactive robotic cat toy mouse you can control with your phone or automatically. We charged up Mousr and let our cats play with it in this super cute video. I put dialogue text of what the cats might potentially be thinking as they are experiencing this interesting toy for the first time. Special thanks to Petronics for providing us with Mousr to help facilitate our review. We genuinely enjoyed this device and the hours of play it has already given our cats. See for yourself in the video, Mousr is very intuitive and has enough adjustable options that you will most likely be able to grab the attention of your cat. Stay tuned for more videos with our cats as we discover new ways to interact with them using Mousr.
Learn more: https://Petronics.io/ Amazon page: https://amzn.to/2Py39EV (affiliate link)

Watch directly on youtube here.
About Mousr by Petronics: " Mousr is the first fully autonomous mouse for your cat. Choose from three automatic play styles or connect your smart phone to remote control. - Mousr has been designed from the ground up to be perfect for cats, including a quiet high quality gearbox, the ability to work on any household surface, and the ability to handle floor transitions effortlessly. - Mousr has been play tested with Bengals, Maine Coons, and Savannahs to ensure he can withstand any abuse your cat can dish out. - Mousr features a motorized tail gearbox and a variety of tail attachments that can be customized to your cat's personality and mood, including springy Bounce Tails and string based Flick Tails. - Mousr's tails are replaceable, so simply pop on a new one as they wear out. "

Royalty Free Music by Kevin Macleod of Incompetech "BitBitLoop, GettingItDone, CaptainScurvy" .

Monday, December 3, 2018

2019 Calendar featuring Cats and a Dog ! Order our monthly hanging calendar featuring our adorable pets.

See our 2019 Cats and Dog calendars and posters here.

We selected some of our audiences favorite pet photos and put together a multi-pet cat and dog 2019 calendar. Some months feature one cat or dog (Sam). Others feature multiple of them. We received our binded monthly hanging calendar from the printer and we are so pleased with the quality. The borders around the photos feature differed distressed wood textures. If you enjoy our cats Sushi, Runt, Ramsay, Louis and our dog Sam. Then I think you will really love having these beautiful pets on your wall. The back of the calendar features a blank page for phone numbers and notes. In previous years I have cut out the prints and framed them. For those new to SushiandRunt.com our dog Sam is a black Labrador and Australian shepherd mix. Our cats are also mixed breed.

Calendars available in 8.5x11 inches and 11x14 inches.
An 11x17 Poster calendar is available featuring Sam.

Christmas Shipping Deadlines 2018 - USA
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To receive by December 24th, please order by midnight CST.
Valid on orders of less than 20 copies.


Top 10 Christmas Cat Videos starring the Kitties of SushiandRunt.com

Here is a list of my top 10 favorite Cats on Christmas videos starring our own cats Sushi, Runt, Ramsay and Louis. Whether its knocking over a decorated Christmas tree with lights, unwrapping finely wrapped gifts,  stealing candy canes, conquering a cardboard north pole village or going berserk over a catnip holiday toy, you are surely going to enjoy this list of adorable cat videos. In some of the videos you will see a couple of our cats when they were kittens and super curious about the festive lights and ornaments. 

These videos are from years past, subscribe to our channel to stay up to date on our latest holiday pet videos. Visit our Youtube channel. Friend us on Facebook. Follow us on Instagram. Tweet us on Twitter.  

Kitten Hides in Christmas Stocking. 

Cat Knocks Over Christmas Tree and Much More.

Christmas Cat Village - Cardboard North Pole Castle and House.

Cat Steals Candy Canes off Christmas Tree.

Cats give gifts to Gone to the Snow Dogs.

Cats send gifts to kitty friends.

Cats  unbox Christmas Gift Boxes. 

Kitten wants Christmas Tree ornament.

Cats unbox a Christmas Purr Packs.

Cats play with Hexbug Reindeer
Watch on Youtube here.

Looking for a 2019 monthly hanging calendar featuring the 4 cats and dog. Click here to visit our print store to see the photos we selected for the calendar.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Talking Cat in Snow and Bath ! Funny Animal Voice-Over

Talking cat louis walks in deep snow and then gets a cat bath. Order our cat and dog calendar here: https://bit.ly/2r34h9O Get our Life is Better with Pets T-shirt here: https://bit.ly/2Rc8tQ6 Veterinary Formula Shampoo we used : https://amzn.to/2zxjchj (affiliate link)
In this video we take our black cat louis outside and let him explore some deep Michigan snow. We then take him inside and give him a bath using a special pet shampoo. Louis handles the bath quite well this time. Afterwards we show you the cool items we brought back for our dog and cats from the Novi Pet Expo 2018.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Top 100 Pet Youtube Channels For Animal Videos of Dogs, Cats and More

Looking for an extensive list of youtube animal channels. Check out this list of the Top 100 Pet Youtube Channels. There are tons of cat, dog, fish, multi-pet channels and more to watch out there .

Sam meets husky puppy Niko.

Before I produced videos for the Sushi and Runt youtube channel. I was a big fan of watching funny cat and dog compilations. Sometimes I would go down the rabbit hole and watch cute cat videos for way longer than a productive adult should. Because of this I know the value of pet videos and the joy they bring to the animal lovers who watch them. Please take a moment at let me know some of your favorite pet personalities in the comments below this post.

Talking Dog Sam Visits Pet Expo to see Gone To the Snow Dogs !

Talking dog Sam narrates his day at the Novi Pet Expo 2018. Huskies, Memphis and Shelby of Gone to the Snow Dogs had their own booth, so we had to visit them. We met lots of other nice pets and people.We also got loads of dog food and treat samples. The Novi Pet Expo is a lot of fun and features booths, events and activities for pets and their owners.
Visit Gone to the Snow Dogs: http://www.youtube.com/gonetothesnowdogs Visit Snow Dogs Vlogs http://www.youtube.com/snowdogsvlogs
Subscribe to Sushi and Runt's Channel: http://bit.ly/1A0wL0P

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Cat Reacts to Cat Games on a TV Screen !

See our CAT GAMES Playlist here: https://bit.ly/2yPhjwa
Ramsay the cat plays a cat game on our TV screen. Then she is curious about the printer and starts to grab pieces of paper. How curious is your cat? Subscribe to this pet channel: