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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Purr-Packs Unboxing : Cat Subscription Box Review

In these two videos the cats unbox some Purr-Packs subscription boxes that they were sent.
They absolutely love the variety of treats and toys. Purr-Packs would make a great gift for any cat lover, they package and curate each box awesomely, watch the videos and see for yourself.

Learn more here: https://purrpacks.com

Cats unbox a Christmas Present ( Video Link )

Cats unbox their first Purr-Packs cat subscription box. (Video Link)

See more cat product reviews and unboxings at www.youtube.com/sushiandrunt

From their official website:
Purr-Packs specializes in discovering and sharing new and innovative products for our customers. Our Subscription Packs are available in a variety of sizes and plans, allowing cat families to explore new products serendipitously, plus all the fun of sharing surprises with your kitties each month. Purr-Packs also offers exclusive items unavailable from anyone else, and we allow our customers to customize or personalize their subscriptions with special requests, including dietary requirements, color preferences, and more. All of our Packs are available as gifts for your loved ones, and each one can be personalized just for your recipient and their own feline family! Our fans have found that it’s hard to go wrong when sending a Purr-Pack gift to someone who loves cats."

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