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Sunday, August 14, 2016

What do we feed our four Indoor Cats ? Wet, Dry and Treats

 We often get asked on our Youtube cat channel, what do we feed our cats and what should I feed my cat ? We don't have the perfect answer on what you should do and it's recommended you consult your veterinarian first. I do know our cats are healthy, happy and extremely beautiful. That's what matters.
Many people take on pets without contemplating the financial costs. It definitely adds up and puts a dent in our wallet, but we love these cats.

KING LOUIS our Male Cat
 This is not a sponsored post or advertisement for the brands I will be mentioning. It's simply the brands my cats currently prefer and that work for me in that price range. I have tried to feed the cats a bit of raw meat occasionally, many say it's the healthiest choice. Our male cat Louis enjoys that, but the rest haven't got a taste for it. I'm sure if it was a tweety bird they just caught or a juicy fly they wouldn't hesitate to eat it raw.

Sushi grooming Ramsay (Females)
  All the cats currently eat Raychul Ray's Nutrish dry food, they prefer the chicken flavored one. It's farm raised, gluten free and has no artificial flavors or preservatives. A 14lb bag of it lasts quite a while and they don't seem to gorge on it. I believe because it's a quality dry food, they don't compulsively eat it, so I can leave bowls of it out for them to eat without over consuming. Our cats are all within a healthy weight for their size. I store this food inside of a sealed rubber maid for freshness and because they also like to chew on the corners of the bag if I leave it out.

 As for wet food, the cats are pretty picky. Runt our long haired female cat doesn't like it, she will snack on a bit of tuna occasionally. But we don't feed them that very often. Sushi only likes the moisture or gravy that is on top of the wet food, if you mix some water with it she will drink a lot of it. Ramsay and Louis are on a routine, they need to have a small can of Fancy Feast Pate first thing in the morning and later at night. They are the most active cats in the household and since they like it a lot, I figure it's good to keep them extra hydrated.

 When it comes to treats, the ones that smell the meatiest and are a bit chewy tend to be everyone's favorites. They do like certain crunchy treats, like dental cleaning ones. Runt especially adores Greenies Hairball Control, they do work at preventing her from hacking up a mess every few days. All the other cats like them as well, but none of them have hairball issues but Runt, so they are primarily hers. I've also bought a variety of soft meat sticks for cats, Sushi used to like them but doesn't care for them much anymore.

Runt our long haired female cat.

 Often times we have a variety of healthy treats on hand from our cat subscription boxes we have reviewed. See our unboxings on our Youtube cat channel 'Sushi and Runt' they are very entertaining and also show our cats trying a variety of different foods,, some they like and some they walk away from.

 I hope this blog post answers some questions, I would suggest asking your vet when you get the opportunity on what he believes would be the best diet for your cat.


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