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Saturday, November 7, 2020

Halloween Meowbox Unboxing : Cat Subscription Box with Toys and Treats


Order yours at https://meowbox.com 


In this video we unbox the latest meowbox cat subscription box filled with cool new Halloween themed toys and treats. All four cats loved their surprises as always. meowbox occassionally sends us their cat subscription boxes. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see our latest unboxing and how our furry feline friends react to their surprises.



About meowbox:
"meowbox is a happy humble cat subscription box company with offices in both Vancouver, BC and Portland, OR. We are kind of like an actual meowbox itself: cute, entertaining, unique, and well-put together.

meowbox is run by real people, who really love cats, and who care about their customers. We sincerely hope you can feel that.

It is our mission to get you as passionate as we are to try out new products and enrich the lives of your kitties. meowbox is our way of providing you with an exciting way to give your kitties the exercise, stimulation and happiness they deserve."

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