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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Ramsay and Sushi munch on some catnip.

 Our four cats and their friend recently reviewed a new line of a catnip products by a company named Meowijuana. Our cats are usually excited to smell and eat catnip. We personally found the catnip in the jar to be very fragrant and it quickly drew a response. The cats immediately started playing with the catnip stuffed toys. We used the catnip spray to enhance some old toys around the house.
Watch the full video here !

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Runt loves this new catnip toy.

Our friend T.Swizzle came over and was obsessed !

This catnip encourage Ramsay to try some new Yoga moves.

Stay tuned to see grandmas cat react to this catnip in a future upload, it was hilarious.
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