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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cat Fetches Like a Dog !

Our youngest cat Ramsay never ceases to amaze us. She loves these plastic springs made for cats. I got some in a subscription box a long time ago and she still finds them every once and a while. She often carries a spring around like it is a mouse. When cats stretch the spring it bounces around so it's almost alive to them. This day, Ramsay decide to play fetch with me, I was stunned. She has returned toys to me a couple of times before, but not consecutively. This was just too much fun. Later in the day she did it again.

Ramsay brings me the spring. Good girl !

 We hope you enjoy the cute little video. Sometimes I really do think my cats think they are dogs and my dog thinks he is a cat. It doesn't matter they are all equals here. Have a great day !

Ramsay takes off at full speed to fetch the spring again.

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