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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Testing My Cats DNA ! Basepaws Cat Kit At-Home Genetics Test

Ramsay with her Basepaws Cat Kit.

In this video we send hair from two of our cats to Basepaws for DNA genetics testing. We received the Basepaws DNA Cat Kits complimentary to feature in our video. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to find out the results of the DNA testing in a few months.

"Basepaws is a cat genetics company, focused on giving pet owners more information about their pets by learning about their breed breakdown and potential genetic disease, and interesting traits. Discover what your cat's DNA can say about their health, habits, and ancestry, and help us learn more about these special creatures which can help feline cure genetic disease."
Check out the Basepaws website for more information. Follow them on social media @basepaws.

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Runt with her Basepaws Cat Kit.

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