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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

WhiskerBox Review - Cat Subscription Box

WhiskerBox sent us their latest cat subscription gift box to review on our Youtube pet channel. Click here to see our four cats reacting to items in this October's unboxing video. The box included quality cat snacks, toys and a variety of other items that put a smile on our face and garnered interesting reactions from our feline family. Check out the photos below.

If you are interested in subscribing to the WhiskerBox or getting it as a gift for the cat lover in your life please use our affiliate link and 10% off coupon code, "sushiandrunt". 

 Runt itching her head while peeking inside of the Whisker Box.

 Weruva Truluxe Steak Frites wet cat food had a nice gravy which the cats enjoyed.

The For Mew Skeleton Crisp Toy had a cool Halloween pattern.  The cats always love toys with this shape to them. They tend to lick and bite them.

 Our picky eater Sushi enjoyed the Weruva wet food, but wouldn't eat until she was far enough away from Ramsay.

Birbits Whiskers' N Paws Toy got the kitties attention with the feathers on the end.

Sushi went first to play with he fuzzy toy. 

 Look at her stretch for it ! So Cute !

Oh wow, they even included some candy for us humans. They tasted like Smarties and were shaped like bones.

The Cloud 9 Egg-splosive treats and container were shaped like a cat head. The treats are of the hard variety so they are usually good for cleaning teeth.

Sushi licked the Egg-splosive treat, and later on we found the container half empty on the ground. Somebody liked them !

This Cat Bow Tie from Sweet Pickles Designs was a really cool addition, it straps right to your cats collar. It was Louis 6th Birthday on October 31st, so we let him wear it.

Here he is looking cute on top of the cupboard with his new cat bow tie.

I'll be honest I've always wanted a lions mane for our ginger cat Ramsay.
This one is by Cat Couture and a fun addition to the WhiskerBox.

Ramsay only wore the lions mane as long as she wanted, which was a minute or two, just enough to take some cute video and photos. So funny ! Make sure to see her reaction here.

Normally Ramsay is the first into the boxes but this time she wait until the end to have her play time.

We played hide and seek with the Birbits toy, she was having a lot of fun!

Thanks so much for checking out our WhiskerBox review.
Prices range from $39.95 to $49.95 depending on whether you order the subscription or gift box.

  • 4-6 premium items (apparel, toys, treats, treasures)!
  • $65+ USD value in every box!
  • Free shipping to US and Canada (International: $15)
  • Personalize based on gender and size

Our coupon code "sushiandrunt" will save you 10%. Order here.

Watch the 4 minute youtube video here see our cats reactions.

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