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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

New Cat House - Troppipets Cat Bed Cave

The cats check out their new Troppipets cat bed cave in our latest sponsored video. Easy to assemble, eco-friendly and pet safe. This uniquely shaped cat cave will add to the needed privacy of our cats.
Check out Troppipets.com to see the other designs you can get for your cats.

"Designed to be the answer to a need for a truly safe accessory for your best friend, now you don't have to be worry by knowing that our Troppipets Pet House is 100% made with eco-friendly materials and water-based paint. And is completely harmless for your cat. Unlike other manufactured cat houses that leave you feeling worried about whether or not all parts are safe, feel confident that you’re buying from the place that makes the health and safety of your cherished family member our top priority." -Troppipets

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