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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Sushi and Runt TikTok Pets Cat & Dog Compilation Episode 1 & 2

Check out all our cat and dog pet videos on our TikTok profile here. Currently we have over 600 unique pet tiktoks on our channel, many have licensed music so we cannot show them in a compilation. These tiktok pet compilations are unique because they feature the voice of yours truly, Chris aka MovieTrailerVoice. If you are new to Sushi and Runt, please find us on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. Learn more about Sam, Ramsay, Louis, Sushi and Runt on the Meet Our Pets page. Thank you for watching our videos and stay tuned for more cat and dog tiktok compilations. 

Direct link to Cat & Dog TikTok Compilation #1

Direct link to Cat & Dog TikTok Compilation #2

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